>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Instructions (Terms of Use)

Posting rules!

・Please post your video in costume within 30 seconds to various SNS.
・The video theme and contents are free to choose.
The contents have posting rules (following instructions). Please make sure to follow!
・Please make sure to attach the hashtag #oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020 when posting.
※If you are able to type in Japanese, please add hashtag #うちで化けよう
・In addition, you put #kawahallocontest, and please post on # mentioned above about video which entry is doing in disguise contest.
・Feel free to add any other hashtags
Ex) #costume #halloween #family halloween #happy halloween #ZOOM halloween #special effects makeup #costume dance #sustainable costume #rocky horror picture show #halloween dog #I want to connect with cosplayers #cosplay girls #100yen costumes #halloween soon #anime characters #creative cosplay etc!


Only person who had you have you read the following instructions and agree on contents can participate.

・There is no standard for the costume.
However, it is not possible to participate in only one part such as face painting.
・You can join solo, with your family or with a group, and there is no limit to the number of people.
However, please absolutely avoid situations where it becomes a crowded place such as a large number of people gathering in a closed space
if you participate in a group, we recommend to use ZOOM and other online tool.
・You can post as many different videos as you like.
・Videos that cause anxiety or discomfort to the viewer are prohibited.
(Videos containing content that is offensive to public order and morals, costumes with extremely exposed body, etc.)
・Videos that can be posted are limited to videos taken after January 2020.
・People under 15, please post after having obtained protector's consent.
・Any act that violates the terms of use of each SNS you post is prohibited.
・Videos containing political activities, election campaigns, religious activities, etc. are prohibited.
・We may use video which had you post for advertisement and various media, WEB medium and SNS where sponsor will make appearance article in future without confirmation before thing of contributor. Thank you for your understanding.
・Posting videos that infringe the rights of third parties is prohibited.
(Posting a video that slanders others or damages their honor or credibility)
(Posting videos that infringe the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others)
(Posting videos that infringe on the property, privacy or portrait rights of others), etc.
※If there is a person in the video with the poster, please obtain permission from the person in advance before posting.
※When using music in BGM, etc. for posted videos, the author is responsible for the music that has been approved by the copyright holder of the music, copyright-free music, music whose copyright has disappeared, traditional music, folk songs, etc. Please use a song whose is unknown or a completely original song.
・Contribution of video judging that Kawa Hallo executive committee does not comply with purpose of this plan is prohibition.
・Contribution of video judging that Kawa Hallo executive committee is vicious or inappropriate is prohibition.
・Contributor expresses about having legitimate right about oneself posting about contribution data and contribution data not violating any right of third party and shall have you guarantee.
・When right of third party is violated by video which contributor posted, we shall have this settle in responsibility and the expense burden on contributor, and sponsor does not take responsibility at all. When sponsor performs compensation, compensation of the damage for third party, sponsor shall be able to claim for compensation for contributor.