>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Halloween award instructions (Terms of Use)

(Participation rule)

・Upload the Halloween costume video (30 second or less) from the entry form.
・The video theme and contents are free to choose.
The contents have posting rules (following instructions). Please make sure to follow!
・Please post the same video as the one you entered on various SNS.
Make sure to attach the hashtag #oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020 #kawahallocontest when posting!
※If you are willing to add Japanese hashtag, please also add
#うちで化けよう #カワハロ2020
・Feel free to add any other hashtags for posting.
Ex) #costume #halloween #family halloween #happy halloween #ZOOM halloween #special effects makeup #costume dance #sustainable costume #rocky horror picture show #halloween dog #I want to connect with cosplayers #cosplay girls #100yen costumes #halloween soon #anime characters #creative cosplay etc!

(Judging Method)

・Judges will judge the videos you have uploaded. In addition, spread on SNS and the attention will be taken into consideration in the judging and the winners will be decided based on a comprehensive judgment.
※We welcome postings to multiple SNS. ※Performance is free to choose anything.
※The secretariat may contact the person who made the entry to confirm the entry details.

(Award Announcement)

We will announce and commend at the KAWASAKI Halloween 2020 special live program that will be delivered from 18:00 to 20:00 (planned) on Saturday, October 31st.
All entries will be invited to participate in the special program at ZOOM.
We will send you the URL for participating in the program exclusively for entrants, so please join us in costume.
※Winners will be contacted by the secretariat in early November to ship the prizes.
※Please note, if you do not contact us during November, your right to receive the prize will be voided.
※If you apply as a group, we will contact to the representative.

(Award and prizes)

500,000 JPY for the Grand Prize, also many other luxury prizes.
Ex) Best performance prize, Special makeup prize, Family prize, Character prize etc.


LiLiCo (Movie commentator)
Mr. Yabatan (Comedian / Video creator)
Etsuko Egawa (Special effects makeup aristrist)
Masaya Hokazono (Comic artist / "Pumpkin Night" author)
Seima Taniguchi (Cartoonist / "Pumpkin Night" creator)
Suoh Shinnosuke (Kara-fit exercise developer)
Tatsuya Miyo (Wheelchair traveler)
Accoorde Nonnon (KawaHallo costume contest first Grand Prize winner / street performer)
Yoshitaka Nagahama (Legend Tokyo CHRONICLE producer)
Saki Ikeda (Mercari Co., Ltd. Mercari Awards Secretariat & Mercari Official SNS person)

(Cautions) Only those who have read the following notes and agreed to the contents can participate.

・There is no standard for the costume.
However, it is not possible to participate in only one part such as face painting.
・You can join solo, with your family or with a group, and there is no limit to the number of people.
However, please absolutely avoid situations where it becomes a crowded place such as a large number of people gathering in a closed space
if you participate in a group, we recommend to use ZOOM and other online tool.
・You can post as many different videos as you like.
・Videos that cause anxiety or discomfort to the viewer are prohibited.
(Videos containing content that is offensive to public order and morals, costumes with extremely exposed body, etc.)
・Videos that can be posted are limited to videos taken after January 2020.
・If you are under 15 years old, please participate with the consent of your parents.
・Any act that violates the terms of use of each SNS you post is prohibited.
・Videos containing political activities, election campaigns, religious activities, etc. are prohibited.
・The submitted videos may be used for advertisements, various media, and SNS media that the organizer will post in the future without prior confirmation of the poster. Thank you for your understanding.
・Posting videos that infringe the rights of third parties is prohibited.
(Posting a video that slanders others or damages their honor or credibility)
(Posting videos that infringe the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others)
(Posting videos that infringe on the property, privacy or portrait rights of others), etc.
※If there is a person in the video with the poster, please obtain permission from the person in advance before posting.
※When using music in BGM, etc. for posted videos, the author is responsible for the music that has been approved by the copyright holder of the music, copyright-free music, music whose copyright has disappeared, traditional music, folk songs, etc. Please use a song whose is unknown or a completely original song.
・After receiving the award, if it is found that it is not eligible, it may be canceled. Thank you for your understanding.
・All or part of the entry video is not for commercial use.
・The entry video is not set to receive revenue.
・The judges and the Kawasaki Halloween Awards Management Office will make the selection. Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding the content of the examination.
・Entry in videos that the KawaHallo Executive Committee determines does not meet the purpose of this project is prohibited.
・Entry in videos that the KawaHallo Executive Committee determines to be malicious or inappropriate is prohibited.

Prize related
・Award rights are not transferable or resale. We won't accept exchanges, refunds, or cash.
・Please note that the award will be canceled if it is found that the award is not applicable.
・Please note that we will not notify the selection results to anyone other than the winners. We won't answer the reasons and circumstances for selecting the costume contest.
・Please note that prizes and the grand prize money cannot be awarded to the countries or regions where cannot be shipped or wire transfer from Japan.
・Prizes will be shipped after early November 2020.
・You cannot specify a delivery company for shipping.
・Prizes are subject to change without notice.

Prohibited matters
・Acts of spoofing by giving the name of another person or the name of another company or other organization.
・Acts of using the services provided in this contest for improper purposes
・Acts that damage the honor and credibility of this contest and damage the credibility.
・Acts that interfere with the operation of this contest
・Acts that induce unintended video playback due to false or misidentified information
・If the applicant or the performer of the video violates the law or is likely to do so, the award may be cancelled.
・The application video will be posted on the site after confirming the content at the secretariat. If you do not meet this agreement, the application video may not be posted on the site. Even if it is posted, it may be canceled due to the circumstances of the organizer. Please note that we cannot answer the reason for the non-publication.
・If the organizer determines that the submitted video may violate these terms, the organizer may request the applicant to cancel the award and return the prize.
・All costs associated with the application (connection fee, communication fee, etc.) will be paid by each applicant.
・Matters not stipulated in this agreement will be decided at the discretion of the organizer.

Temporary halt of provision of this site
・The organizer may change, suspend, cancel or terminate part or all of this contest without prior notice. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by these circumstances.
・When maintaining the system of this contest regularly or urgently.
・When this contest cannot be offered due to fire, power outage, deterioration of communication environment, etc.
・When this contest cannot be offered due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, riots, labor disputes, orders from public offices, etc.
・If the system of this contest is disturbed, or if the organizer determines that there is a risk of it.
・When the organizer determines that it is difficult to hold or continue this contest.

About recommended environment
・For PC
Google Chrome latest version (*recommended browser) / Safari 11 or later / Firefox latest version / Microsoft Edge latest version ※It may not work properly with "Internet Explorer". Please use the above compatible browsers.
・For smartphone
The latest iOS and latest previous version OS/Android OS and version OS in front

Privacy Policy
・Personal information provided by applicants (including portraits of individuals in the application video) will be used to provide relevant information such as prize shipments and shipping status.
We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party other than the outsourced company without your consent. (Excluding cases where disclosure is required by law).
The personal information we receive will be discarded as soon as the contest and various returns are completed.
・Regarding the handling of personal information, it will be operated in accordance with the personal information protection policy of CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. (https://lacittadella.co.jp/sitepolicy/privacy/

・The organizer does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness of the information, programs, services, and other related matters provided on the site of this contest. The organizer will not be responsible for any damages caused by software / hardware accidents, troubles between applicants or between applicants and third parties, and other accidents caused by using this contest site.
・Applicants represent and warrant that they have the legitimate right to post their posted data and that the posted data does not infringe any rights of third parties.
・When right of third party is violated by video which applicant posted, we shall have this settle in responsibility and the expense burden on applicant, and sponsor does not take responsibility at all. If the organizer makes a claim for damages or compensation to a third party, the organizer is able to claim compensation from the applicant.

Kawasaki Halloween award administration secretariat
The secretariat TEL: +81(0)44-233-1934
[Reception hours] 10:00-18:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays)
※Our secretariat accepts only question about this contest campaign.
※We cannot accept inquiry about how to use of confirmation of application reception desk, the editing method of question and video about examination and various application.
※ On inquiry, please claim to be "Kawasaki Halloween award".