>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Let's participate online KawaHallo 2020!

#oneworldhalloween SNS Jack plan

Originally, the origin of Halloween is "Evil Spirit Dispersal" Let's post costume videos together especially in times like this to repel the evil spirit or Corona! Let's fill up every SNS with Halloween costume videos! Share your amazing costume to the world! #oneworldhalloween

From October 1st (Thu) to October 31st (Sat)

Post to multiple SNS -TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LINE, YouTube and let's Jack the timeline !!

We post on more SNS quickly, and let's collect topics! October 1 or contribution that monthly, attracted more topics on SNS is going to introduce in the Kawa Hallo 2020 special program delivered live on October 31!

It is buzz raseyo with vaunted disguise video in the world! Video which had you post on Twitter, Instagram is displayed automatically by social platform established on Kawa Hallo WEB as well as each SNS top and is watched from various places visiting site during Kawa Hallo period of the world.

Post the costume videos with the hashtag!

  • Please post your video in costume within 30 seconds to various SNS.
  • The video theme and contents are free to choose.
    The contents have posting rules (following instructions). Please make sure to follow!
  • Please make sure to attach the hashtag #oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020 when posting.
    ※If you are willing to add Japanese hashtag, please also add
    #うちで化けよう #カワハロ2020
  • To apply the Costume Contest, post the video with the hashtag
  • Feel free to add any other hashtags
     Ex) #costume #halloween #family halloween #happy halloween #ZOOM halloween #special effects makeup #costume dance #sustainable costume #rocky horror picture show #halloween dog #I want to connect with cosplayers #cosplay girls #100yen costumes #halloween soon #anime characters #creative cosplay etc!


About whole Kawasaki Halloween

・Halloween Parade (Costume Parade) ・ ・ ・ Holding online
・Halloween Award (Costume Contest) ・ ・ ・ Holding online
・Halloween Special Fair ・ ・ ・ Holding at commercial facilities and shopping streets around JR Kawasaki Station

  • Do you hold Halloween parade / kids' parade event?
  • There are no events such as Halloween Parade / Kids Parade this year.
    We have prepared a page where you can see the costume videos posted by everyone on the official website.
    You can find the participant costumes of this year.
  • Where can I see the awards ceremony for the costume contest?
  • Costume contest and the award will be held online this year.
    Delivering programs on YOUTUBE from the top page of KawaHallo official website.
    You can watch "#oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020". In addition, we deliver the live in TikTok LIVE.
    Delivery date and time October 31 (Sat) 18:00-20:00
  • Is there plan that we can participate in even now on Saturday, October 31? ?
  • SNS Jack plan can be participated until 24:00 on Saturday, October 31.
    #If you post a costume video within 30 seconds with the hashtags #oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020 on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the costume video will be automatically uploaded to the following page in the KawaHallo official page. (*there is a time difference between posting to the page and uploading to the page by SNS). Please participate.
    You can enter the TikTok award in the costume contest until 18:00 on Saturday, October 31st.
    #Add two hashtags of #うちで化けよう# tiktokハロウィン, and please post costume videos on TikTok.
    The results of the TikTok Award will be announced on the live broadcast program "#oneworldhalloween #kawahalo2020" of the costume contest.
    Please join us!
    Prize: 50,000 yen + TikTok goods
    Delivery date and time October 31 (Sat) 18:00-20:00
  • Are there any projects other than online? ?
  • You can enjoy large commercial facilities around JR Kawasaki Station and Halloween special fair that mall participates in until Saturday, October 31. Sylvanian Families stamp Lee and child whom luxurious premium is can participate in TRICKorTREAT presenting candy.
    Please confirm the details by Kawa Hallo official HP or Kawa Hallo official application.

SNS JACK Plan / Halloween Award (Costume Contest) for participants

  • I posted it on SNS with the hashtags of #うちで化けよう #kawahalo2020,
    Why isn't it posted on the KawaHallo official website? ?
  • Please check again the hashtags are correct.
    In addition, SNS contribution reflected by Kawa Hallo HP is only Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Please note that you are not reflected in ㏋ even if we post on other SNS.
    In addition, there is time lag (depending on the situation of ※ 15 minutes ~ server around two hours) until publication after posting on SNS.
    ※Reel contribution of Instagram is not reflected.
  • Is it possible to enter the costume contest now? ?
  • Application of disguise content closed on Sunday, October 25.
    But entry is possible only for TikTok prize until 18:00 on Saturday, October 31.
    #Add two hashtags of #うちで化けよう# tiktokハロウィン, and please post costume videos on TikTok. We announce result of TikTok prize by raw delivery program of disguise contest.
    Please join us!
    Prize: 50,000 yen + TikTok goods
  • I entered the costume contest, but I'm worried if it was entered.
  • You trouble, but please contact the secretariat of disguise contest.
  • Do we not know participation in commendation ceremony method of disguise contest?
  • You trouble, but please contact the secretariat of disguise contest.
  • Do you want to know the examination situation of disguise contest?
  • Please note that we will not reply to the details of the contest result and the reasons.

    Kawa Hallo disguise contest secretariat contact information
    • Please refer by email until Friday, October 30.
      [Mail] award@citta-ent.co.jp
    • Please refer over telephone on the day of the event on Saturday, October 31.
      [TEL] +81(0)44-233-1934

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