>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Halloween Special Fair

Let's enjoy Halloween special fair by official application!

Special menus for a limited time related to Halloween and great services!!

October 9 (Fri) to 31 (Sat)
Kawasaki station square 9 commercial facilities, each Kawasaki station square east exit mall (about 400 stores participate)

Trick or Treat
KawaHallo X MATSUYA long established candy store

For this year's Trick or Treat candy, "Amabie Candy", a collaboration between Kawasaki Daishi Nakamise's "Tontoko Amekiri" and Kawasaki's well-established Matsuya Sohonten has appeared.‼
Ghost that amabie is handed down to Japan. Phenomenon such as brightening light from all over the sea is caused and is informed as we did prediction about good harvest or epidemic.
Let's disperse in demons with amabie candy of one cup of benefit!

October 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun), 31 (Sat)

TAKE OUT & delivery
We introduce Kawasaki station square east exit commercial facilities, TAKE OUT & delivery service of each Kawasaki station square east exit mall in Kawa Hallo official application in a row!

Kawasaki hometown support ticket
Purchase can use store where Kawasaki hometown support ticket is available for 13,000 yen for introduction one 10,000 yen!

In addition, we place information of each commercial facility and great value fair and sale that mall performs originally!

Kawasaki Halloween Official Application
We can search from each commercial facility, each mall name, store genre, service conduct contents and area MAP! Please download before coming to Kawasaki Halloween!…!
※When conduct content varies according to participation stores, there is. In addition, there is service to become the end as soon as it disappears.
※Please refer to each commercial facility or store for the details every store and the latest situation directly.
"Kawa Hallo stamp rally becomes service only for application, too"!

Sylvanian Families Stamp Rally

Look for friends in Sylvania Village who hide in a large commercial facility in front of Kawasaki Station, which has become a Halloween town. Those who find all the friends will win a fabulous prize by lottery.


atre Kawasaki 7F Bonheur Square / Wing Kitchen Keikyu Kawasaki 3F Information Sign Area / Azeria Humming Garden / Kawasaki Mores 8F Uphill Escalator Front / Kawasaki ReFront 5F See-Through Elevator Front / Kawasaki DICE 6F Downhill Escalator Front / Muza Kawasaki 1F Galleria Square / Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 1F Information Center / LA CITTADELLA Vivace 2F

From October 9 (Fri) to 31 (Sat)

・Assorted gift certificates for popular commercial facilities in front of Kawasaki Station for 300,000 yen
・50,000 yen worth of products from popular commercial facilities in front of Kawasaki Station for 2 people
・Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki Twin Room 1 night with breakfast for 1 couple 2 people
・Hotel En Michi Suite Room "ICHO" Accommodation Voucher
・Sylvanian Families 35th Anniversary Award Provided by: EPOCH
  DX celebration home gift
  Chocolat Rabbit Family Celebration Set + Baby Celebration Marching Band Set
  Baby concert series
  Sylvanian Families 35th anniversary sticker (2,000 people first arrival)
Vacuum insulated soup jar JBT-300 Provided by: Thermos Co., Ltd.
Color motion + oil provided: uerapurofesshonaru
・CINECITTA' movie ticket for10 pairs 20 people
・Tokyo 2020 Olympics Coca-Cola limited original glass (336 people)
Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki Twin Room 1 night with breakfast for 1 couple 2 people
Hotel En Michi Suite Room "ICHO" Accommodation Voucher
We've prepared fabulous prizes!
※Stamp correspondence time will be within the business hours of each facility

Lottery date & time
From Thursday, October 29 to 31st sat 11:00-20:00
Lottery Venue
LA CITTADELLA VIVACE 2F special event space

Entry Method: Please download the KawaHallo official App and participate from the stamp rally page.
※There is no preparation for stamp paper. Participation is only with the official app.
※Please note those who do not have a smartphone can not participate.

"Pumpkin Night" X "Kawasaki Halloween"

Collaboration cafe which expressed view of the world of the quite popular "pumpkin night" by LINE comics is held for the first time!
Original foods and drink will present canned comics type batch and original coaster in random every order.
In addition, takeout menu with key ring presents original shopper bag by more than two orders! The details check HP!

From Tuesday, October 1 to Saturday, October 31
Business hours:
11:00-23:00 (LO 22:00)

To special site

© Seima Taniguchi/LINE © Masaya Hokazono/LINE

LA CITTADELLA Tweet campaign #oneworldhalloween

You can win a lottery ticket for CINECITTA' and LA CITTADELLA common use tickets!

Application method
Using store of STEP1 LA CITTADELLA, let's take menu, the purchase product and photograph which we ordered!
Let's post four of the following on STEP2Twitter/Instagram!
#oneworldhalloween #citta #store name #ordered or purchased item photo
Products bought by take-out delivery are also OK! Let's dress up in costume at home and enjoy the Halloween!

Period From October 1st (Thu) to October 31st (Sat)
Prize: We are hard on 60 people in total!
A set of 2 admission tickets to the movie theater CINECITTA'
LA CITTADELLA common use ticket 10,000 yen

It is for product orders, purchase 500 yen (tax-excluded) or more.
When we cannot send DM when the use store name is unidentified, it becomes invalid.
Successful announcement contacts only elected candidate in DM of Instagram/Twitter in the beginning of November.
Premium exchange plans the facility.

Enjoy new spots of Kawasaki 2020!

Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki

Official site

Theme of Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki "place where encounter and story originate". We replace tradition and music event that is periodical in town of Kawasaki whom advanced technique accumulates and art in some halls that you should be proud of regularly and are hotel as the stage spinning story to begin from encounter and there new with music, art.

Hotel En Michi

Official site

Hotel En Michi is located on the main road from Kawasaki-juku, the second post town on the 53rd station of the Tokaido to Inage Shrine, the guardian deity of the Edo period. It is believed that it used to be a place where travelers and worshiping tradesmen come and go and connect various "fate". We value the history of Kawasaki-shuku, and consider it a tourist resource that the daily lives of the region should be proud of in modern times, and aim to where various "fate" of travelers and the daily lives of the region intersect.

Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium

Official site

Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium is the first aquarium in Japan to open in an existing commercial facility.
Under the theme of "Beautiful watersides of the world," exhibit the creatures living in various environments around the world with the latest technology, from the Tama River flowing through Kawasaki City to the rainforests of Asia, Africa, and the Amazon in South America.
A new type of nature entertainment aquarium, where you can enjoy walking along the waters of the world while in the city.