Kawahallo Runway supported by TikTok

New plan for families! We match orchid way of 50m in length with music and walk in vaunted disguise!
Please join us with your family and friends. Professional photographer takes a picture and presents it.

To all of you who participated in "Kawahallo Runway"

Reading preparations for photograph which professional photographer photographed in orchid way on the day of the holding were set.
You read from the following exclusive page, and please download.
※Reading, downloading period: Until from Thursday, October 31, 2019 to Monday, January 13, 2020

※It becomes one piece for free downloading!

The certification key listed in guidance paper which we distributed in venue is necessary on this occasion.
Please input the certification key to 16 figures into the certification key input part in exclusive page.
※Both which there is hyphen, and there is no are OK.

Email: photo@king-beat.com

We reply to inquiry that we had by email sequentially.
Customer who is received domain-designated by email setting of cell-phone and smartphone,
I send from us, and please set domain reception permission of the following e-mail addresses.

Domain king-beat.com

The day of the Kawahallo Runway participation frame! It is news of this

The second 12:15 ~, the third 13:30 ~, the fourth 14:45 ~
We made participation limit of the day!

Acceptance start: 26th sat 10:00 ~ ※First-come-first-served basis (each around ten sets of times)
Reception desk place: Arena CITTA' (the Futsal court) Kawahallo Runway reception desk booth
  • ※Please confirm participation rules beforehand by all means in page of Kawahallo Runway.
October 26, Saturday
Ginryugai 3-7, Ekimaehoncho, Kawasaki-ku
First run: 11:00-11:45
Second run: 12:15-13:00
Third run: 13:30-14:15
Fourth run: 14:45-15:30
Fifth run: 16:00-16:45
The meeting time of the day of participant
Time The last procedures such as delivery of participation card are necessary at reception desk within 30 minutes before start of time when you purchased ~ ticket at 10:00.

Place: LA CITTADELLA Arena CITTA' (Futsal Court)
Participation Condition
●Children under junior high school students and their parents
  • ※Parents over high school students
●Parent must be present regardless of the child's age.
  • ※Up to two parents can participate in a group.
●All participants, including parents, are wearing costume
●Those who have applied in advance and purchased tickets
●Up to 5 people can participate in the purchase of one ticket.

  • ※Parents who are responsible for safety management must participate together
  • ※Parents must be high school students or older, or older than high school students.
  • ※Participation only by parents is not possible. One child of the target age must participate in the group.
  • ※Maximum number of guardians is 2.
500 yen / 1 group
Participation application deadline 10/21 sun mon
Orchid way participant-limited privilege!
Worth buttocks zorori
 1. Professional photographer takes photograph and presents!
 2. We present cake to all the children!
 3. We do as guest in popular worth buttocks Zorro rega orchid way in TikTok!

Furthermore, privilege that is more advantageous when we download TikTok!

 4. Face paint by student of mode school proposes to child in advance and can get for (first-come-first-served basis, free of charge)!

 5. If you post “#tiktok Halloween #Kawahalo” on TikTok, you will receive a 500 yen common ticket for La Cittadella per group!
  • ※You can get common ticket in VIA CINECITTA' TikTok booth not orchid way venue
 Or please read QR code!
TikTok QR cord
We start Aristrist activity of girls group at the age of the teens. Afterwards, we started energizing as back DJ of unit, but convert to 10' DJ to mature by self-expression in music.
We perform regularly on event of ASOBISYSTEM known as party of Nakata Yasutaka. We attach bloom to many popular fashion parties as well as club.
In addition, we are playing an active part in foreign countries without staying in the country.

Dance performance
Appearance time: 12:05-12:15

fimeiru HIPHOP team "QING" (kuingu) which HIPHOP team KING OF SWAG which continues always sending the latest culture produces entirely
Their performance consisting of nine women who broke through difficulty audition that KING OF SWAG hosts is comprised of nine members full of individuality led by leader RYOUKA (ryoka) and succeeds intention of KING OF SWAG, and coolness, power work as strongest HIPHOP CRU which is not defeated by man together either.


Kids Halloween Park

Halloween park where is soft, and was clogged up with pleasant attraction including game corner for kids comes up!

10/26 sat 11:00-18:00
Arena CITTA' (Futsal court) in LA CITTADELLA
Face painting 500 yen
Face painting
Target practice/quoits/yoyo/bottle fishing for each 300 yen
Halloween house 300 yen
Halloween house (air playground equipment)

Halloween house (air playground equipment)

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