Halloween award supported by TikTok

All 2,000 parade participants will be considered!
Largest Halloween costume contest ever! !
Grand Prize is ¥500,000!!
Targeting at all the participants of "Halloween parade", judges will examine the venue while making an excursion. The restraint time of the day is nearly zero and easy!

In addition to general voting from the Kawahalo official app and TikTok video posting, we also have a stage where participants can appeal to the judges!
The impact of appearance is emphasized, and great plus to make the participants to surprise, frighten, entertain, laugh, and impress, even more audiences.
Let's aim for the luxurious prizes!!

  • State 1 of 2018 Halloween Award
  • State 2 of 2018 Halloween Award
  • State 3 of 2018 Halloween Award
  • State 4 of 2018 Halloween Award

Costume quality is Japan's best!! Costume contest "Halloween Award 2019" result announcement!

The Halloween Award (costume contest), which approx 1,850 parade participants were judged!
Please check out the results that judges had difficulty in making decisions!

  • The Invisible Man
The best pumpkin prize (Grand Prize)

Theme: The Invisible Man
Prize: 500,000 JPY!!!!

Judge comment: The parade spectators are all amazed! Absolutely Invisible Man! Please tell us how you became!
We can tell the small details to the styling of clothes too!

  • Plaster girls
Happy Halloween Prize (Second Grand Prize)

Theme: Plaster girls
Prize: Travel coupon 80,000 yen!

Judge comment: Realistic stone statues start to move, and various sports scenes were fascinating!
The national flags on the wing are quite international and GOOD!

  • Cow man
  • Pregnant zombie grotesque
Makeup prize

Theme: Cow man
Prize: Popular theme park pair ticket

Judge comment: The cow's face was made of leather! We are impressed by the craftsmanship!

Horror prize

Theme: Pregnant zombie grotesque
Prize: Gourmet catalogue gift 10,000 yen equivalency

Judge comment: What a horrible fear!
There was a peculiar originality, we felt more fear in the performance.

  • "Japanese"
  • Delightful ghost!
Prize for styling

Theme: "Japanese"
Prize: JCB gift card 10,000 yen

Judge comment: Impression when it may approach and saw is not forgotten!
It is surprise in feelings to to the details and quality of bottoms!

Kawasaki-City Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum Prize

Theme: Delightful ghost!
Prize: Kawasaki-city Fujiko, F, Fujio museum assorted original goods
Offer: Kawasaki-city Fujiko, F, Fujio museum

Judge comment: Dance video uploaded in TikTok is very cute and is impressive!

  • Steam punk Journey to the West
  • The Wizard of Oz
Character prize

Theme: Steam punk Journey to the West
Prize: 5 case of canned 350 ml of Heineken
Offer: Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Judge comment: It's too cool!
Costumes, makeup, sense of unity and balance are incredible!

Character prize

Theme: The Wizard of Oz
Prize: 5 case of canned 350 ml of Ichiban Shibori
Offer: Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Judge comment: High best quality!
The Wizard of Oz to be looking for Dorothy was wonderful.

  • Day of the dead
  • The deep sea horror
Sexy prize

Theme: Day of the dead
Prize: Enrich Nourishing Spray
Offer: WELLA

Judge comment: A charming couple bound together in the afterlife?
A beautifu couple recognized by all judges!

Sexy prize

Theme: The deep sea horror
Prize: Enrich Nourishing Spray
Offer: WELLA

Judge comment: They had a great mix of “fear” and “sexy”!
We express scale using nail tip, and level as work is perfect, too!

  • World leaders who came to Halloween
  • Visual band wedding ceremony
Trick or Treat prize

Theme: World leaders who came to Halloween
Prize: Coca-Cola 160 ml 30 canned 2 cases

Judge comment: The faces are so real that you can't believe it's handmade! When everyone joins, it becomes one pumpkin!
We were surprised in not only quality but also idea!

Trick or Treat

Theme: Visual band wedding ceremony
Prize: Coca-Cola 160 ml 30 canned 2 cases

Judge comment: A rock-loving family who had a surprise wedding ceremony at the parade! We were impressed by the grandmother who celebrated his grandson by striking the drums along with the leading music during the parade!

  • Putchinpurin
  • Palace chandeliers
Trick or Treat prize

Theme: Putchinpurin
Prize: Coca-Cola 160 ml 30 canned 2 cases

Judge comment: We want to eat unintentionally!
The balance between the cuteness and fancy dress of the two was able to be expressed well!

Trick or Treat

Theme: Palace chandeliers
Prize: Coca-Cola 160 ml 30 canned 2 cases

Judge comment: We felt a great commitment of creation of the chandeliers!
It is high to not only chandelier but also quality of clothes, and expression of view of the world is perfect!

  • Scarecrow Pierrot
  • Brothers after 5 years
Trick or Treat prize

Theme: Scarecrow Pierrot
Prize: Coca-Cola 160 ml 30 canned 2 cases

Judge comment: Performance to feel squeamish reluctance, power of expression, story characteristics was fantastic!

LOVE Kawasaki prize

Theme: Brothers after 5 years
Prize: LOVE Kawasaki original Halloween version poster (with MC signature) or tvk goods

Judge comment: We felt Ai Kawasaki to be.

♯TikTok Halloween prize

Prize: The prize money 100,000 yen +TikTok original goods

Judge comment: Plasticity is high, and evaluation from overseas user is high, too.
We hold down trend of 2019.
It creates atmosphere of horror using transition effect of TikTok well.

Thank you very much for your vote! Please look forward next year award!!

Date & Time
October 27, Sunday whole day
Grand Prize! 500,000 JPY!!!!
Several other awards are also prepared.
Entry Method:
All "Halloween Parade" participants are targeted for the costume contest.
Please buy participation ticket of "Halloween parade", and participate.
  • ※Judge including in front of parade looks around disguise. Please note that you might be asked.
(Judging Method)
Judging the costume while moving around: During "Halloween parade" conduct, judges will examine the venue while making an excursion.
Appeal Stage: There is appeal stage which participant can appeal to judge for.
Referendum: The number of participants "Like!" on the official Kawasaki Halloween App, also serves as a reference and used for the Costume Contest
TikTok contribution: Contribution of with hashtag # Kawa Hallo is useful for examination, too.

Based on the above assessment, the organizer will decide the winners.
Pei (Talent)
Born in Yamagata Prefecture
NHK E tele "# judai" MC, TV Tokyo "secret X soldier fantomiraju!" We are performing regularly as reverse detective position.

Rin Rin Doll
Rin Rin Doll (Talent/YouTuber)
The United States, Los Angeles native place, Taiwanese American.
YouTuber, model, program MC which we work on based in Japan.

Rin Rin Doll
Fumihiro Kanda (Special Makeup Aristrist)
Makeup dimensions belonging
Product "country of stealing" "GeGeGe no Kitaro" concerned "okuribito" "criminal of the prosecution" "eyewitness not to see"
Fumihiro Kanda
Yamanouchi bell (model)
Model from Kobe.
We collect great support for ten generations and play an active part as TikToker.

Yamanouchi bell
THOMA (Thoma) (Magician)
We stand in several hundred a year stages in magic theater of Roppongi and show magic against VIP and entertainer of various fields.

THOMA (Thoma)
Shudo Aoki (factory night view photographer)
We produce first Japanese factory night view calendar during newspaper publisher holding the post. We deal with shooting, production of "THE FACTORY STYLE" of longtime seller series now.
Other than TV and radios such as NHK, it is a lot of appearance recently in each media.

Shudo Aoki
Yuka Nara (Kawasaki mom brainy person)
Both birth and the breeding are Kawasaki! We are doing production, sale of handmade accessories.

Yuka Nara
Result & Award:
October 31, Thu 12:00 (plan)
It will be announced on various SNS, official application and our website!
  • ※Toward the prize winner, I will inform from the person in charge for prize shipment in around the beginning of November.
  • ※Please note, if you do not contact us during November, your right to receive the prize will be voided.
  • ※If you apply as a group, we will contact to the representative.
Instructions, verboten
  • ・About examination result, please note that it is not accepted inquiry by telephone and email.
  • ・Participation in disguise that sponsor judged to be inappropriate is not accepted. Please confirm essential point, instructions before having parade participate.
  • ・When you cannot look after rule, on the day I may decline participation in parade than the guard staff, the administration staff. In that case, please note that sponsor cannot give any support.
  • ・When you post, please photograph so that the entry number is reflected.
  • ・As for the contribution in TikTok, please make reading setting "exhibition".
  • ・There will be possibility that advertisements to have of appearance article use contribution data for other WEB mediums or official SNSes in future. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・There is possibility that picture posted on Kawa Hallo official TikTok account edites in sponsorship.
  • ・When you appear in photograph with contributor and are, please post after having got consent from the person beforehand.
  • ・Contributor expresses about having legitimate right about oneself posting about contribution data and contribution data not violating any right of third party and shall have you guarantee. Sponsor cannot take responsibility by any chance when we got into trouble.
  • ・People under 15, please post after having obtained protector's consent.

Prohibited matters
On entry to this plan, we prohibit the following acts.
  • ・Act to disturb administration of this plan
  • ・It is nuisance, disadvantage, the damage or act to give discomfort for another person
  • ・Act slanders another person, and slanders or to damage the honor or trust
  • ・Act to violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person
  • ・Act to violate property, privacy of another person or right of likeness
  • ・Act to post obscenity, child porno and data promoting sexual exploitation of child on
  • ・Reporting, advertisement for the purpose of profit or invitation act
  • ・Act against public order and morals
  • ・Act to violate Kawa Hallo official application, Terms of Use, laws and ordinances of official SNS
  • ・Act to judge that Kawasaki Halloween project does not comply with purpose of this plan
  • ・Act to judge that Kawasaki Halloween project is vicious or inappropriate

To application introduction page

"Halloween award" appeal stage

Stage is offered by participants who want to appeal to judge directly!

  • ※It becomes free-for-all. You are not essential, but please come and join in the selection standard of the grand prix.

Date & Time
October 27, Sun 16:00-17:30 ※Plan
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
Participation Condition
Only for "Halloween parade" participants
  • ※Receptionist becomes the end as soon as it becomes capacity.
As you carry out by group order of Halloween parade at examination time, come to venue.
  • ※Estimated time
    Group A examination time (16:00 ~)
    Group B examination time (16:30 ~)
    C group examination time (17:00 ~)
  • ※To appeal stage come to venue at start time of each person if you would like to participate.
  • ※Only parade participant can participate in appeal stage.
  • ※The stage time is limited, so please understand if you can not participate
  • ※It is not not to be able to take prize when we do not participate in appeal stage.
  • ※The appeal stage is the start time of each group and is arranged in order by the line.
  • ※We ask for 15 seconds per group. You may be asked to exit even in the middle.
  • ※Ascending and descending stages, as well as questions from the judges will be at different times.
  • ※When using props etc, we ask that you return to the current status within the time limit.
  • ※We do plan with precedence from target group, but do with participation possibility in the other group if we have free in appeal stage and have time.
  • ※Photographed material may be posted on official SNS. Thank you for your understanding.

Dancing Pumpkin

Super hyper club party after the parade!
The artists who led the parade and selected popular DJs will appear one after another and invite all costumers to become more enthusiastic!

  • State of 2018 dancing pumpkin
  • State of 2018 dancing pumpkin
    • ※Held state of the "dancing pumpkin" past

Date & Time
October 27, Sun 16:00-22:00
Arena CITTA' (Futsal court)
  • ※Free entrance!
  • ※Stormy weather cancellation
Pa' sLam System
A three-man truck maker unit that has been producing high-quality, catchy dance music across genres since 2012.
In August 2016, Japan's major label, TOY'S FACTORY released its first digital distribution EP, “TWISTSTEP”, and in July 2017, released its first album, “Whatever”.

Pa' sLam System
New project "ANNA" by woman singer Ayumi Nakamura and Nanase Aikawa
We cover two music writers whom two singers have respect of, masterpieces of Ryudo Uzaki X amoku*ko.
ANNA (Ayumi Nakamura X Nanase Aikawa) challenges "song" which became signpost to singer and "song" produced newly.
DJ XPVS (Princess XENIA)
Princess habit near appears on German TV show Popstars in 2005 and acts as the leading role in reality show "DIE BURG" (we mean "castle" in German) of Pro7 of the country in the same year, and the at a bound name will be known.
New celebrity whom she sent to was taken up by TV shows 60 or more on a wide variety of themes such as fashion, trip and celebrity, music.
She makes use of the outstanding musicality now and plays an active part as DJ, and music to use deals with all until words, composition, recording by oneself.
Time Table
16:50 ANNA
17:15 DJ XPVS
Men in black ︓ is international at 18:05
22:00 CLOSE
  • ※Time might be changed by progress of the event.

PIA group
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