>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Halloween Award

Thank you for your Halloween award application

Since it's online, the impact of appearance is important than usual, and easier to win by the video that entertains, laughs, scares, and impresses more viewers! Let's aim for the luxurious prizes!!

Entry period:
From October 1 (Thu) to October 25 (Sun)
Entry Method:
Upload videos in costume (30 seconds or less) from the entry form.
Result & Award:
October 31 (Sat)
18:00 ~ ※At Kawasaki Hallowen live program
Entry fee:

Result from here

Upload videos in costume for entry!

  • Upload the Halloween costume video (30 second or less) from the entry form.
  • The video theme and contents are free to choose.
    The contents have posting rules (following instructions). Please make sure to follow!
  • Please post the same video as the one you entered on various SNS.
    Make sure to attach the hashtag #oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020 #kawahallocontest when posting!
    ※If you are willing to add Japanese hashtag, please also add
    #うちで化けよう #カワハロ2020
  • Feel free to add any other hashtags for posting.
    Ex) #costume #halloween #family halloween #happy halloween #ZOOM halloween #special effects makeup #costume dance #sustainable costume #rocky horror picture show #halloween dog #I want to connect with cosplayers #cosplay girls #100yen costumes #halloween soon #anime characters #creative cosplay etc!

Special guests will judge all costumes!!

Movie commentator / TV talent

Born in Sweden in 1970, came to Japan at the age of 18.
Appeared on TBS "King's Brunch" as a movie commentator, Fuji TV "Nonstop!" J-WAVE "ALL GOOD FRIDAY" and many other programs.
A movie commentator who is active in multiple fields such as anime voice actors, actresses, and narration.
Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/lilicom/

Mr. Yabatan
Comedian / Video Creator / Norwegian living in Japan

Funny Japanese videos posted on Instagram went viral all over the world and getting attention.
With a total of more than 2 million followers on SNS, he has expanded his range to TV activities.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr_yabatan

Etsuko Egawa
(Special makeup Aristrist)

While living in Los Angeles USA, studied special affects makeup at Joe Blasco Make-up Center and Dick Smith Advanced Make-up Course, then participated in the movie as a assisting staff member of "Metal Storm", "Dune / Sand Planet", "Ghostbusters", "Captain EO", "Ratboy", etc.
After returning to Japan in 1986, he established Makeup Dimensions Co., Ltd., a pioneer workshop for special makeup and special modeling, and continues to this day.

Author and creator of ”Pumpkin Night”

Masaya Hokazono
Comic artist, the author.
His representative works are "Inugami" and "Emerging", and in recent years he has released hit works such as "Devil Island" and "Pumpkin Night" (original).

tanikuchiyoma (taniguchiseima)
Comic artist.
The representative work is "Pumpkin Night" (drawing). Hope of the horror comic world that made a break with "JK serial killer Naoko" !!

Masaya Hokazono Twitter: https://twitter.com/hokazonomasaya
tanikuchiyoma Twitter: https://twitter.com/gussan0seima
Work URL: https://manga.line.me/product/periodic?id=Z0000482

Shubou Shinnosuke
(Kara-fit exercise developer)

The communication satellite broadcasting amazon prime # karafitto TV appearance supervision. The karafitto designer.
Former Southern All Stars whole country tour dancer movie "last samurai" (2003) appearance.
Paris this model Trainer. The care prevention, fitness, it is instructed others after school on day.
Idol upbringing/choreography/stage supervision including "fishing Bitto." Project _ jonobori*ryukan*

Tatsuya Miyo
Wheelchair traveler

Born in November 30, 1988, lives in Kawasaki City
When he was 18 years old, suffered from a motorcycle accident and since then he has been in a wheelchair. He took about 9 months from 2017 to go around the world alone in a wheelchair.
He is conducting lecture activities nationwide, inspecting and supervising tour creation that makes it easy to travel even in wheelchairs in partnership with travel agencies and local governments.
YouTube: "Miyo Channel" YouTube account
HP: http://wheelchair-worldtrip.com
Twitter @saitoumokichi
Instagram: wheelchair_traveler_miyo
Facebook: Tatsuya Miyo

Accorde Nonnon
KawaHallo costume contest first grand prize winner / Street Performer

A street performer born and raised in Kawasaki.
A single mother who plays the accordion of living with the chairman (son).
Starting with the "Grand Prix" of the 1st Kawasaki Halloween costume contest, the early "KawaHallo" monopolized the major prizes of the contest, and the jury's fashion designer "Don Konishi" was motivated by her overly original creativity. A legendary costume enthusiast who was said to have a genius sense.
Currently, "Halloween costume course with 100 items" is being distributed once or twice a week at YOUTUBE officially recognized by KawaHallo.
Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/accordenonnon/

Yoshitaka Nagahama
Legend Tokyo CHRONICLE Producer

When he was a student, he was active as the chairman of the Kanto University Student Dance Federation Σ, one of the largest student organizations in Japan.
Since then, he has been in charge of the launch and main editing of the street dance information magazine "SDM", the launch of the choreography contest "Legend Tokyo" and the stage performance "FINAL LEGEND", and the planning, stage production and direction.
In addition to producing and directing many external stages, he has long served as a judge for the Japan Sports Agency-sponsored high school dance club national competition "Japan Dance Competition" and the Tokai region choreography contest "master works TOKAI".

Saki Ikeda
Mercari Co., Ltd. Mercari Award Secretariat & Mercari Official SNS Person

Lives in Yokohama, 1 min. walk to Kawasaki city.
4 years ago, she became addicted to Mercari and start working at Mercari. Planning an event with customers, operate official Twitter & Instagram.
Serves as the secretariat of the Mercari Halloween Awards and selects the Mercari Award with the theme of sustainability.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mercari_jp/
Twitter https://twitter.com/mercari_jp
Twitter [Merhallo Award account]: https://twitter.com/mercari_jp

Halloween Award Prizes and details

Best Halloween Prize (Grand Prize) ¥500,000

Happy Halloween Prize (Semi-Grand Prize) ¥150,000

MerHallo Prize ¥100,000 (Provided by Mercari)
Object: Videos in costume with the theme of sustainability will be judged.

Family Kids Prize Nintendo Switch
※We will select for families and kids.

―Other Prizes (※plan)―
Special Make up Prize
Best Horror Prize
Dance Performance Prize
Sexy Halloween Prize
LiLiCo Prize
Music City・Kawasaki Prize
Colors & Future Prize
Trick or Treat Prize

―Special Prize―
TikTok Prize
・Prize ¥50,000 & DJI Osmo Mobile 3 (stabilizer) & TikTok goods

Object: #The videos posted on TīKTok with the two hashtags #うちで化けよう#tiktok ハロウィン will be judged. Awarded to the costume videos that became a hot topic in TikTok.
※You don't need to upload to the entry form from the Kawahallo official website.
※Period Until October 31 (Sat) 18:00

※Contents of prizes are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Oct 31 (Sat) special live program "#oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020"!!
Halloween Award (Costume Contest / Award Ceremony) / Kawahallo 2020 omnibus

KAWASAKI Halloween 2020 special program "#oneworldhalloween #kawahallo2020" will be live broadcasted! Introducing the video posted by #うちで化けよう #oneworldhalloween, guest talk, the first online parade in the history of KawaHallo, including the result of the costume contest and the awards ceremony, that attracts the attention not only from Japan but also from overseas! 2 hour special program with exciting contents! Unique judges such as movie commentator LiliCo, popular video creator Mr. Yabatan, and Japan's world-class special make-up artist Etsuko Egawa will also appear. Program raw for two hours when we condensed Halloween party "KAWASAKI Halloween 2020" largest in Japan. Don't miss it!

Broadcast: Date & Time:
October 31 (Sat) 18:00-20:00
Broadcast live from PRISM TV STUDIO (Kawasaki-city)
※There is no viewing space due to infectious disease prevention measures.


1. Watch on TikTok LIVE
LIVE distribution function "TikTok LIVE" by "TikTok", a short movie platform for mobile has been decided! !!

Download the TikTok App and log in
Downloading from here!↓
Follow Kawahallo official account (https://www.tiktok.com/@kawasakihalloween)

Turn on TikTok notification settings

On the day of live program, you will receive a notification of the start of distribution, so tap to start watching!

2. Watch on YOUTUBE
Person having you watch in YOUTUBE is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ILOI7x5uK0&t=2156s from this

3. Watch on YOU TV (cable TV)
YOU TV HP https://www.netyou.jp/
It can also be viewed on cable TV and YOU TV, which cover the coastal urban areas of Yokohama and Kawasaki.

Broadcast: Date & Time:
Live broadcasting
11ch above ground October 31st (Sat) 18:00-20:00

Re-broadcast (digest broadcast)
11ch above the ground from November 23 to 29 15:00-16:00, 21:00-22:00
10ch from 21 to 27 on November 18:00-19:00 above the ground

Broadcast area
Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-shi / Sawai-ku / Tsurumi-ku / Yokohama-shi / Kanagawa-ku / Kohoku-ku (partly)