>Kawasaki HALLOWEEN 2020

Halloween Award
Costume contest results announcement!

Best Halloween Prize (Grand Prize)

Prize: 500,000 JPY!!!!
Name: Bag of laughter
Title theme: Laughter bag ~ let's laugh away this era ~
Appealing point:
We want to laugh as much as we can. We want to make you laugh. From that feeling, we have reached to the "laughing bag" which we could laugh and move. The laughing bag keeps a distance since everyone is separated, and it is not dense either. With our smiles, we hope we can enjoy ourselves and bring laughter and energy to everyone! Let's enjoy together!

Judge comment:
We admire the concept of laugh away this era. It was a fun work, and all the judges agreed for the Grand Prize.

Happy Halloween Prize (Second Grand Prize)

Prize: 150,000 yen
Name: Rodemu
Title theme: Familiar spirit of dining
Appealing point:
A prosciutto ham man, a herring pie daughter and a grilled shrimp man. Every year on the Kawasaki Halloween day, we had plenty of delicious dishes in LA CITTADELLA. We are looking forward to the day when we can enjoy the dinner with many people again.

Judge comment:
There is own individuality in the world view. The design with multiple eyeballs on the food is eerie but charming and excellent.

Happy Halloween Prize (Second Grand Prize)

Prize: 150,000 yen
Name: Taketo
Title theme: Kwhr Eats (KawaHallo Eats)
Appealing point:
Nowadays, going out has decreased due to the influence of corona, and it has become difficult to dining out. We often order meals by home delivery. This time, we made a such scene with the theme of home delivery. Please take a look at the funny delivery staff who brought delicious food watch till the end.

Judge comment:
Costumes reflects this era and unique for especially this year. We admired the humor and sense.

MerHallo Prize

Prize: 100,000 yen
Name: Toi Hana
Title theme: What is Halloween?
Appealing point:
This year was a video posting, so we decided to do something we couldn't do at usual KawaHallo. If you put a green cloth on the wall of your house, you can go anywhere even to the space. All the costumes were made by myself, and I made everything at home in cooperation with my childhood friend, his nephew and my high school friend. I think this work is definitely something that can only be made this year.

Judge comment:
Mercari aims to create a society where global resources can be circulated and limited resources can be shared. In this video, we felt that they have something in common that they are trying to inherit and share the culture on that scale.

Family Kids Prize

Prize: Nintendo Switch
Name: Mayor of fuyuri
Title theme: SCARY or FUN
Appealing point:
The scary characters from the movies "Hellraiser" and "Child's Play" co-starred! Pinhead appeared in front of the hungry Chucky, but seems something is different from usual...? I had a hard time putting it together a space where both fear and fun coexist in 30 seconds. We feel that we are scared by people or feel that it is strange or are glad if you can enjoy exquisiteness of the neighborhood!
Judge comment:
The costumes are high quality, Pocky has a punch line and the gap between his unreliable father's voice was great.

Special Make up Prize

Prize: GoPro (action camera)
Name: Miyuki
Title theme: The eye is the window of the mind
Appealing point:
I made it with the aim of creating an overwhelming sense of incongruity when the natural modeling beauty and the human body are united with a beauty of awe. I hope you enjoy the tension created by just one line of sight.
Judge comment:
The fusion of new images and make up is wonderful.

LiLiCo Prize

Prize: Champagne (provided by LiLiCo)
Name: Kinugoshi
Title theme: It is over if we can see "It".
Appealing point:
Pennywise make-up and horror movie conscious production.
Judge comment:
Exactly like "it"! The quality is very high!

TikTok Prize

50,000 yen DJI Osmo Mobile 3 (Stabilizer) & TikTok Goods (Provided by TikTok)
Name: Satsuki
Title theme: One disguise relay
Appealing point:
At the time of real parade as was, and wanted to give pleasant atmosphere, finished rhythmically.
Judge comment:
While using TikTok's editing method in small steps, multiple costumes are edited to the music at a good tempo. The video was unique to TikTok, making it full use of split formats.

Colors & Future Prize

Prize: Fujiko, F, Fujio museum assorted goods
Name: Mitamoon
Title theme: Let the house dance (outside version)
Appealing point:
The self-restraint period is over, and the house like to going out too! Go to play!! Pay attention to the facial expressions of the houses! The costumes are matching and imaged the grass (^^) Keep the distance, and let's dance together. Let the house dance! Let's dance together! HAPPY HALWEEN!
Judge comment:
It was amusing to see how they danced freely and happily, and the unexpected finger dance was great.

Music City・Kawasaki Prize

Prize: Music City Kawasaki
(Experience of playing Japan's largest pipe organ + Music City Kawasaki goods)
Name: QTC
Title theme: Monsters that danced for love of the city at the center of the world.
Appealing point:
We looked back on past KawaHallo costumes and added the arrangement for 2020. Also, this time was a remote participation from eastern Japan, western Japan, and mountainous region, we included the desire to gather in the city of Kawasaki again and participate in the parade together we arranged the song "I love Kawasaki Ai no Machi" to "I love Kawasaki parody" and danced. The members performed and sang The video is karaoke-style so that Kawahallo's monsters can sing together. It is work which we packed with memory of KawaHallo and a lot of love. Thank you in advance.
Judge comment:
We felt the joy of being able to connect and perform online all over the country and love for the Halloween parody song.

Best Horror Prize

Prize: Heineken 5 cases + Ichiban Shibori 5 cases
(Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. offer)
Pumpkin night goods
Name: Shinpou Naoko
Title theme: Remote Costume Awase "Omotsuzura"
Appealing point:
We instructed the members who make the first Youkai masks on Discord, and never met face-to-face in real life, and made remote costumes. Each member had inventive idea in order to bring close to picture of Yoshitoshi Tsukioka.
Judge comment:
Not only the story of the video, but also the quality of the costumes were high. The sense of expressing horror with a Japanese taste is also good!

Dance Performance Prize

Prize: Amino Vital 30 pieces x 3 cases
(Provided by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
Dance contest "Legend Tokyo" seed right
Name: Rabbi
Title theme: 분신 사바 (Kokkuri san)
Appealing point:
It's not the ogre we are scared, but the ones who call them and do bad things. However, it was the ghost-callers who were actually manipulated and had disastrous consequences.
Judge comment:
The choreography that fits the world view and the song is wonderful, and the body control that expressed was also excellent.

#oneworldhalloween Prize

Prize: WELLA Color motion + series
(Provided by Wella Professional)
kara-fit goods
(Provided by kara-fit)
Name: mama ker
Title theme: Medusa
Appealing point: makeup, video transition
Judge comment:
Participated from Los Angeles! It is exactly "one world halloween". Thank you so much!

Trick or Treat Prize

Prize: *2 Coca-Cola mini-can
(Provided by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.)
Name: miya
Title theme: Mario cart switch
Appealing point:
Re-produce Mario Kart Switch with our hobby balloon art! Did we get lost in the game world?!!
Judge comment:
We judged as wife and husband without permission. We like the way they do what they love at their age!

Trick or Treat Prize

Prize: *2 Coca-Cola mini-can
(Provided by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.)
Name: Leolion
Title theme: Today's special
Appealing point:
As it was our son's first Halloween, we decided to make a memorable video. We made the costumes by own. The one on the head is made by reusing mask. At the end, mother's inner voice was out who took the video.
Judge comment:
Adorable. The idea is amusing, and the first Halloween is a treasure for this baby.