Halloween Special Fair

We hold Halloween special fair including service of stamp rally and great value shop & Restaurant which luxurious prize hits!

Tuesday, October 1 ~ 31 thu
Kawasaki station square 9 commercial facilities, each Kawasaki station square east exit mall
  • ※For more details, see below
For participating stores and service information, check the KawaHallo Official App!
  • ※When conduct content varies according to participation stores, there is. In addition, there is service to become the end as soon as it disappears.
  • ※Please refer to each commercial facility or store for the details every store and the latest situation directly.
"Kawa Hallo stamp rally becomes service only for application, too"!

Kawahallo The capture required item! Kawasaki Halloween Official Application

It is full of great value service information including "Halloween special fair" that the latest news and 400 Kawasaki Station previous appointments of event participate in!

"Halloween award" referendum was enabled from application from last year! By this vote, is the Grand Prix decided?
Besides, other than "Kawa Hallo stamp rally" which luxurious prize hits, various contents to be able to enjoy Kawa Hallo including positional information service that it is revealed shop and parade course which want to go immediately.

Application introduction 2

Advantageous & period-limited service information from application!
Application introduction banner

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We can search from each commercial facility, each mall name, store genre, service conduct contents and area MAP!
Please download before coming to Kawasaki Halloween!…!
Kawasaki Halloween official APP contents
Application introduction 2
●Halloween special fair participation store
●The latest event information
●Kawa Hallo interlocking movement recommendation application
●Halloween Stamp Rally
●Halloween award photo contest
●Halloween parade parade car positional information

Let's participate in "Halloween award" from Kawa Hallo official application!
Everyone can become judge! Let's click the like button on favorite photograph!
Grand prix prize winner gets 500,000 yen!

Kawasaki Shinkin Bank

Men in black collaboration X Kawa Hallo collaboration stamp rally

"Kawasaki Halloween" and very popular SF action "men in black is special collaboration stamp rally with international"!

Look for alien and agent where you lay hidden in in large commercial facilities of nine Kawasaki station square!
Luxurious prize hits by lot when we collect all stamps!
Application introduction 2

Friday, October 11 ~ 31 thu
  • ※Stamp-adaptive time becomes the business hours of each facility
We offer luxurious prize!
MIB blu-ray
●": international MIB" Blu-ray or specially made original goods
● Assorted gift certificates of Kawasaki station square popularity commercial facilities
● CINECITTA' movie ticket

We offer nadonado, luxurious prize!
Nine Kawasaki station square commercial facilities inner total

● atre Kawasaki 7F bonuru open space
● Wing kitchen KeikyuKawasaki: The 3F Halloween display outskirts
● Azeria: Humming garden
● Kawasaki More's The 8F up escalator front
● Kawasaki LeFRONT In front of 5F see-through elevator
● Kawasaki DICE: The 3F escalator side
● Muza Kawasaki 1F galleria open space
● LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza The 2F synthesis information desk
Lottery date and time/venue
Friday, October 25 ~ 31 thu 11:00-20:00
LA CITTADELLA VIVACE 2F special event space
Participation Method
You download Kawa Hallo official application and can participate from stamp rally page.
  • ※There is no preparation for stamp paper. Participation only by Kawasaki Halloween application.
  • ※Please note those who do not have a smartphone can not participate.

The media information of MIB

Halloween Fair

Tuesday, October 1 ~ 31 thu
Halloween Fair
We offer special menu and service for limited time only!
※Please confirm participation store information by official application
Halloween Fair
In the participation store, this mark becomes mark.

Costume Visitors Privilege

Saturday, October 26, 27 sun
Those who use target stores or who are disguised
Costume Visitors Privilege
When you use a store with a costume, there are lots of great deals!
※Please confirm participation store information by official application
Costume Visitors Privilege
In the participation store, this mark becomes mark.

Trick or Treat

Saturday, October 26, 27 sun
Person who is disguised (only for children under primary school student)
Trick or Treat
Let's get some sweets by saying the word "Trick or Treat"!
※Please confirm participation store information by official application
Trick or treat prize
In the participation store, this mark becomes mark.

Japanese erect like

Event facilities

atre Kawasaki Wing kitchen Keikyu Azeria Kawasaki More's Kawasaki LeFRONT Kawasaki DICE Muza Kawasaki LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza LA CITTADELLA

Each Kawasaki station square east exit mall

Kawasaki Ginryugai Commercial Cooperative AssociationKawasaki Ginza Commerce CooperativeKawasaki station Square Street Commerce Cooperative / Authority of authority of Kawasaki station square Nakamise mall promotion association/Tachibana mall promotion association/ Kawasaki Isago Society CooperativeKawasaki Heiwadori Mall Promotion AssociationPareru Stores SocietyKawasaki-city Higashida Mall Commerce Cooperative / Kawasaki Masterpiece Street Stores Society / Ogawacho ShoueikaiCINECITTA' Street Shopping District Promotion Association

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